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Nena's Milk - Soap

       Who's Nena?  Nena was our very first dairy goat, that started us on our wonderful journey into the world of goat husbandry.  We currently raise Alpine, Nigerian Dwarf, and Toggenburg dairy goats.  All are excellent milking breeds.  We do use their milk for more then soap and lotion, cheese and yogurt to name a few.

       We use holistic natural care to raise our goats.  Meaning; we feed all natural feed, hay that is home grown and cared for by us.  When treating elements and for parasite control we use herbal formulas.

       Goat milk soap and lotions are very nourishing and moisturizing to the skin, and has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, also is vitamin rich and chemical free. Can be used on the most sensitive of skin safely.  All product's are handmade by us, from all natural ingredients.

       After your first use of goat milk soap and lotion your skin will look and feel amazing!  So lather up and enjoy the luxurious feel of goat milk products!

Goat Milk Products

Bar Soap, Gardeners Friend Bar, Work Away Liquid Soap, Liquid Soap, and Lotion

Other Skin Care Items

Lip Balm, Face Creme, Body Butter, Foot Creme, Face & Body Scrubs, Bath Salts,

 Bath Bombs

New items can be added at any time so check back often! 

Unique Paper Art ~ All paper art is designed and created by us. 

 Custom orders are welcome.  New Creations are made often!

What items you may find here;

Three sizes of Printer Trays

Shadow Boxes

Chipboard Albums

Scrapbook Pages

Greeting Cards

Nena, Spirit and Rain
In Loving Memory


Goat Milk
Skin care products


Unique Paper Art